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Juggl Desks solution

The easy way to quickly create and manage your desk bookings.

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Desk booking made easy

A new, easy way to help you create, manage and book your office desks

Designed to enable you to manage multiple locations, floors and endless desks by name or number, Juggl Desks ensures your teams can easily book a day in the office and trust they will have the equipment and space they need.

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Easy set up

Quick to create, easy to use

Juggl Desks is an online solution for managing your desk booking challenges. We’ve developed Juggl Desks following feedback from our clients that booking desks is one of the biggest challenges of the post-Covid workplace. As more and more organisations move to a hybrid working model (often involving fewer or smaller number of available office desks), effectively managing this process is vital to enabling employees to safely return to the office.

Discover Juggl
The good news is

Juggl Desks is free

Development is happening at a fast pace and our client stakeholders are now using the solution. As soon as it’s ready to use you will be the first to know and the best news is, it's free for existing Sorce clients and free for new clients until 2022. We know how important it is to help each other at the moment and this is our small way of helping you help your teams feel comfortable to safely book a desk when they feel ready and want to spend a day in the office.

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Book the best seat in the office

Juggl Desks enables your staff to search available desks, find a desk near a colleague and book a desk which meets all their requirements.

Cloud based

Cloud based access, enabling your staff to book a desk from anywhere, on any device.

Easy access

A simple sign-up process, including single sign on using Microsoft 365 credentials, to enable instant access for all of your staff.

Quick and simple booking process

Quick and easy booking process, including the tools to enable staff to meet their specific workplace needs and work nearby their teammates.

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