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Want to see Juggl Desks in action?

About Juggl Desks and how it all began

I’m John, the Managing Director of Sorce, I want to share our story about Juggl Desks.

Initially, we created Juggl Desks in response to the pandemic, to support hybrid working and returning to the office safely, but this is now just the norm.

We wanted to create a desk booking system that was easy to create and use to help businesses manage their office capacity and help their employees easily book a desk with the equipment they need, when they need it.

We all know there are times when nothing beats a day in the office, whether that be catching up with colleagues, collaborating on a new project or sharing ideas. This is where Juggl Desks can help you.

As Managing Director of Sorce, it’s always been my vision to create software that helps businesses, connect, engage and collaborate. Since Sorce began in 2001, this has seen our intranet software evolve and become a key part of today’s digital workplace for hundreds of organisations across the globe. Juggl Desks is a natural extension of this ethos, using digital to help connect the physical workplace.

I really hope you take the chance to give Juggl Desks a try and see how it can help your business get on with what its good at.

I’d really love to know if there are any additional features or insights that would help your business right now. Please do let me know what you think of Juggl Desks and stay in touch with us by emailing