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Help and support

How to create a workspace 1:09

Learn how to create a workspace in Juggl Desks.

How to create desks 1:40

Watch how to create desks in Juggl desks.

How to book a desk 1:38

Check out how to book a desk.

How to login with Office 365 1:14

Learn how to login into Juggl Desks with Office 365.

How to onboard users into a workspace 1:46

Watch how to onboard users quickly into your Juggl Desks workspace.

How to sign in with an email magic link 1:24

Find out how to sign into Juggl Desks through an email magic link.

Troubleshooting support

Have any questions about Juggl Desks? Check out our FAQs section.

We’ve created our trouble shooting guide, to help you with any challenges you might experience when using Juggl Desks. If you still have challenges please email jugglsupport@sorce.co.uk