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Easy to use Desk Booking Software

Create your own desk booking system, with
limitless offices, floors and desks with your
own time zones, booking slots.

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Desk booking software for today’s workplace

Empower your employees to have a better work life balance, whilst getting the job done. Wherever your employees are, enable them to book a day in the office when they need to meet up with their team, collaborate and share ideas as there are some things that are better face to face.

Quick to create

Create your workspace with limitless office locations, floors and desks and include the equipment available at each workstation. Upload floorplans and maps to help your employees find the desk they want to book.

You can set the time slots for desk booking that work for your organisation, set time zones if you have international offices.

Simple to use

Once your workspace has been created, your employees can sign on from anywhere on any device, find the desk they want to book by location, floor, equipment needed or by who has already booked on a given day.

Organise your diary

Every time you make a desk booking, if you need to change the booking, you can at any time. You can make desk bookings up to 12 months in advance.

Safe & fully supported

With secure cloud access and UK based storage, Juggl Desks is reassuringly safe to use and with our dedicated support desk, we are on hand to help with any questions or queries.

Manage your office capacity

As well as providing a simple desk booking solution, Juggl Desks reporting enables you to easily manage your office capacity. By location, by floor and by date you can track your office usage, which can better help your business planning.

We know things change

Every time you make a Juggl desk booking, a notification is sent to remind you of your booking and let you add your desk booking to your personal calendar. It’s easy to alter your booking if your plans change.

When you sign up to Juggl Desk booking software
you get:


Full Support

Help Videos

Dedicated Support Helpdesk

Dedicated Account Manager

Flexible payment plans

Tailored Software

Easy to use admin system

Create unlimited locations

Create unlimited office floors

Add limitless desks to Juggl

Create your own naming convention

Set your own time slots

Ability to book desks for part or whole day

Great User Experience

Simple sign on with Microsoft 365

Mobile friendly interface

Easy to register and authenticate

Juggl Desks Pricing


You can try Juggl Desks free for 30 days, so you can see for yourself just how easy it is to use.

Juggl Desks is completely free for UK charities and all organisations with up to 25 users.

We offer a simple pay as you go monthly subscription for everyone else, based on your number of users, don’t forget that you can create unlimited office locations, desks and unlimited bookings.

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