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Juggl Desk booking software

Make booking a desk easy for your hybrid workforce

Many of us are adopting hybrid working as the new normal, working today is no longer about where we work but how we work, engage and connect with colleagues.

Successful hybrid working needs a strong digital office at its core to help employees do what they need to do, when they need to do it. It all helps to make that day in the office and enjoyable and productive experience, rather than a frustrating one. This is where our simple to use Juggl Desk booking software really comes into its own.

Hybrid Working Juggl Desks Product Screen

Easy to manage your office capacity

Many organisations have more employees than desks and Juggl Desks can help you better manage your office space and monitor its usage on a regular basis. With simple reporting you can see usage by location and by day or week, enabling you to see trends if office usage and adjust accordingly.

Ensuring everyone has the right tools for the job

Implementing a Juggl desks booking system, helps your employees choose the right desk for them when they need to be in the office by easily displaying the equipment and facilities available at each desk that is free.

Bring people together

Many of us have missed chatting with our colleagues in the office and sometimes we’ve all had enough of video calls. We’ve designed Juggl Desks to help bring your colleagues together by helping them see who has booked which desk on a given day and enabling them to book available desks close by.

You can also book desks on behalf of your team, for those important collaborative days in the office.

Help getting started

Simple to use and easy to book a desk

With secure access from anywhere on any device, you can sign in with using your Microsoft 365 login credentials or a magic link and start accessing your company workspace and choosing an office location, floor and desk to book straight away.

Hybrid working guide

If you’d like to know more about Hybrid working and what it’s benefits and challenges, download our Juggl Desks hybrid working guide.

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Want to see Juggl Desks in action?

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