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Juggl Desks

Desk booking made easy

Helping you to manage your workspaces

Today’s workplace is different, empowering your employees, better work life balance, whilst getting the job done and growing your business. People need to meet to collaborate, to check in with their teams and let’s face it sometimes, you just need a change of scenery and want to meet up with your colleagues when you want to, just like old times.

Quick to set up

Upload floorplans, maps to help your employees navigate the desk they want to book. Recreate your desks by floor and by location and add the equipment available at each desk.

Simple to use

Simple sign on makes it easy to access from anywhere on any device. Find the desk you want to book by location, by equipment needed or by where your colleagues are going to be on a given day.


Juggl desks helps you manage your Covid secure workplace and analyse office capacity and usage with easy reporting.

Secure access from anywhere on any device

Juggl desks offers secure cloud based access for you to manage unlimited bookings on unlimited desks and resources.

A simple sign up process, includes single sign on using Microsoft 365 credentials or a magic link to enable instance access to all of your employees.

We know things change

Every time you make a Juggl desk booking, a notification is sent to remind you of your booking and letting you add your desk booking to your personal calender and you can change your booking if your plans change.

When you sign up to Juggl, you’ll get:

Set up

Unlimited desk bookings

Unlimited desks

You can limit concurrent bookings

Upload floor plans

Flexible desk naming convention

Capacity reporting

User experience

Mobile friendly interface

Single sign on with Microsoft 365

Email and magic link registration and authentication

You can filter by facilities

Search by bookings made by team mates

Email notifications and reminders

Calendar integration

Peace of mind

Secure cloud access

UK based storage

GDPR compliance guarantee

Dedicated support helpdesk

Dedicated Account Manager

Flexible payment plans