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What a difference a year makes in terms of how many of us work from home now verses pre pandemic. We have all adapted to changing work patterns, locations and quickly adopted new software to ensure we all continued to maintain business as usual… virtually. 

Today, many of us are looking towards a new hybrid way of working, spending some time working from home with time in the office when needed. This creates a new demand for flexibility and it puts your employees at the heart of your digital workplace. 

In this new world you need to effectively manage your physical workplaces. With many offices having less desks than employees there is a real need to measure and monitor your office capacity, desk usage and who is coming into the office, who booked but didn’t show… And how do you choose between the many desk booking systems out there? 

When tools are all different but also the same, how do you find a desk booking system that meet’s everyone’s needs? 

Here’s our checklist of things to consider when shortlisting your desk booking systems: 

  1. Will you be managing your desk booking centrally? 
  1. What level of reporting will you need? 
  1. Will there be set office days for individuals or teams? 
  1. What insights do you want to gain with your new software?  
  1. How often do your employees want to be in the office? 
  1. What else do teams need to book? Equipment, facilities, car parking? 
  1. What might you need the software to do in the future? 
  1. Time to implement and set up are key to getting you up and running smoothly. How much time is needed? 
  1. Is the system simple to use? 
  1. What else can it do? 

We provide a desk booking system Juggl Desks If you are curious about Juggl Desks, book a demo and let us take you on a tour. 


Paula is our Marketing Manager and brings with her a wealth of experience in all things digital and is passionate about digital workplace transformation and engagement.