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Flexible working is now the norm for many UK businesses. The pandemic has shifted the mindset from office based to being able to work from anywhere. Employees are now empowered to decide  when and how often to go into the office and we are all taking responsibility for protecting our own health and that of our colleagues.

With the remaining Covid restrictions lifted, we can finally start to look forward and use software, like Juggl Desks to help us manage our flexible working life.

Juggl Desk Booking software is being implemented by all kinds of organisations to help users manage their own working week and book a desk when they need to be in the office. It’s also helping organisations manage their office spaces efficiently.

Choosing and creating a new desk booking system can be costly in terms of time and money. Juggl Desks software is a bit different. It’s really quick to create a workspace, from which you create your office locations, layouts, available desks and equipment.

It’s free for all UK registered charities and for Small Businesses with up to 25 users.  For larger organisations costs are based upon number of users.

For users, it’s very simple to book a desk. In fact, it’s so simple, we are confident that training will not be needed but just in case we have a range of support videos to help you

We have created Juggl Desk Booking Software in conjunction with our stakeholders and are confident it meets flexible working needs.

Flexible desk booking software enables you to:

  • Set time periods for both morning and afternoon slots
  • Making it really easy for half day bookings
  • Enable the end user to book their own time slot
  • See who else will be in when you will be

Here at Sorce, we firmly believe that Juggl Desk Booking software is a key player in today’s flexible working environment.

If you would like to find out more about Juggl Desks please get in touch with


Paula is our Marketing Manager and brings with her a wealth of experience in all things digital and is passionate about digital workplace transformation and engagement.