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 The pandemic has transformed how we work and it’s no longer about battling into the office 5 days a week but is about flexible and autonomous working spread between the office and home. As reported by the BBC, “Most workers do not expect full-time office return”, we need to look at how we can support employees with hybrid working and continue to ensure businesses flourish in this new way of working.

For some larger organisations, hybrid working is not new, for many organisations making it “official” is very new and has forced many to rethink their whole business. Where once everyone had a dedicated desk, now many do not and new software is being introduced to manage this new way of working.

Making the decision to change from dedicated desks may have arisen due to the office being permanently closed because of the pandemic, desk capacity being reduced going forwards or simply introducing a new way of working to encourage better collaboration. No matter what prompted the decision, organisations now need a way to manage their available desks and are surprised at just what else is possible when they introduce a desk booking system.

Desk booking systems can support many aspects of business, including:

  1. Performance and productivity
  2. Health and safety
  3. Collaboration
  1. Performance and productivity

It’s recognised that workers must have the right tools in place so they can perform their everyday work without the right tools in people’s hands wherever they happen to be, empowers them to do their job in a way that works.

Desk booking systems can also provide insight into how your office is being used which can inform future business decisions.

2. Health and Safety

Most organisations will be looking at making their workplaces COVID secure even though it’s no longer a legal requirement. There will be expectations around social distancing, hand sanitiser stations and masks and moving around the office, and as such, reconfiguring desks, collaborative spaces, and meeting rooms to allow for social distancing will be necessary. Managing who is in the office and when will be a key consideration to avoid overcrowding and to ensure everyone has a desk/space to work from and suitable facilities to hand.

3. Collaboration

Which resources are necessary to aid collaboration in a post-pandemic world? Technologies are key, from desk booking software, to video conferencing and intranets. Office layouts to aid collaborative working is also an important consideration and it may be the case that more shared spaces are needed.

Desk booking systems can support you teams in being able to easily book a day in the office when their colleagues are in or help them see who else is in on a particular day.

We are currently offering Juggl Desks software for free until January 2022, so it’s a great way to trial a desk booking system for your organisation at no cost. If you would like to find out more, please do get in touch.


Paula is our Marketing Manager and brings with her a wealth of experience in all things digital and is passionate about digital workplace transformation and engagement.