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Over the years we have developed lots of intranet applications in response to the needs of our customers.  Some of these have been very bespoke and have only ever been useful to the company that requested them.  Others have been more generic and have ended up becoming standard within our product.

Never before though have we been asked by so many people to help them with the same pressing need, as we have over the last few months.  The sudden rush to implement hybrid working processes over the last months has been the biggest change to our economy that I have witnessed during my career.  That has resulted in a need for a formal desk booking solution for lots of businesses almost overnight.

For most companies, the thought of not providing a dedicated desk for each employee, or them not being sat at it 5 days per week, would have been almost unthinkable 18 months ago.  With hybrid working becoming the new normal for so many UK businesses, managing how many desks are needed, who will be occupying them and when, has become a very real problem.

Desk booking sounds fairly simple, doesn’t it?  When you have decided which days you are going into the office, you just go ahead and book a desk.  When you throw into the mix the reduced capacity of most workspaces necessitated by social distancing and the need for enhanced cleanliness, things suddenly became a bit more complicated.

We have responded to the needs of our clients and developed a solution that we hope is going to be the answer to all the challenges that are thrown at them.  We recognised how important it was to get this right from day one, so we involved lots of our clients in the development process as external stakeholders.

It’s been a very fast paced development but has been as exciting as it’s been rewarding.  We’ve really enjoyed the process of responding to so many of our clients’ needs in such a short space of time.  That said, I just hope that if we ever do a project like this one again, it isn’t as the result of a global pandemic.


Jeremy Stewart

Jeremy, heads up our Business Development team. He is the master of listening to your needs and transforming them into a solution that exceeds expectations.