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Boris  has delivered his latest speech and potentially on 19th July, most restrictions around Covid will be lifted. This has left many questions but has also kick-started UK businesses into planning their future workplace and practically thinking about how to co-ordinate a safe return to the office, after all Covid is still here.

Juggl Desks has been created and launched to help with this very challenge. Created during lockdown, we wanted to support UK businesses transition to a hybrid working model, quickly, easily and above all safely.

Our new desk booking solution helps you securely create a digital desk booking solution for your office and car parking spaces, with no limits as to the number of offices or desks.  The best part is, we have also taken the big decision to offer this to everyone for free until January 2022, to help businesses get back to the office, one desk at a time.

To launch Juggl Desks officially, we are hosting a launch session today on the 14th of July which you are more than welcome to join, or you can book a demo with Jeremy, our head of Business Development.

If you are like many UK businesses, trying to work out which is the best way forward, let us help with one element, your desk booking solution.


Paula is our Marketing Manager and brings with her a wealth of experience in all things digital and is passionate about digital workplace transformation and engagement.