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Golden Charter moves to hybrid working with support of Juggl Desks

By October 25, 2021January 6th, 2022No Comments

UK-leading funeral plan provider to introduce desk booking solution to its staff

Golden Charter, one of the UK’s leading funeral plan providers, is moving to hybrid working for most of its employees with the support of desk booking solution, Juggl Desks from Sorce.

The majority if its employees will now be home-based most of the time, going into Golden Charter’s Glasgow office for 1-2 days each week. To support this transition, the company is rolling out Juggl Desks to enable the quick and easy booking of office desks.

“Throughout the pandemic, the majority of staff have been totally home-based but this is now changing” says Lynn Smith, Communications Manager from Golden Charter. “Staff are gradually returning to the office for a day or so a week, and we’ve had to find ways to effectively manage this to ensure everyone continues to feel safe.”

Pre-pandemic, staff had allocated desks but the company is now introducing socially-distanced hot desks which will be able to be pre-booked and used by any member of staff in support of hybrid working. Desk booking will be quick and simple through Juggl Desks, with staff choosing when they’ll be in the office and then reserving a desk. The solution can be accessed through any device.

Smith says, “Not only is Juggl Desks really easy for users, it’s straightforward for administrators too. Desks can be added to the system and removed as and when required making it totally hassle-free. Hybrid working would be really difficult to manage without such a simple solution in place.”

Golden Charter has been heavily involved in determining Juggl Desks’ product features and future roadmap and is looking forward to its roll-out over the coming weeks.

Smith adds, “We were invited to be part of the Juggl Desks project at the development phase and have really enjoyed being on the advisory team. We’re confident that the solution has all the functionality we need while being user-friendly, proving key as we transition to hybrid working.”

Juggl Desks is free to use until 2022.


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