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MHA Moore and Smalley navigates a safe return to the office with Juggl Desks

By October 20, 2021January 6th, 2022No Comments

MHA Moore and Smalley, a leading independent provider of audit, tax and advisory services, is rolling-out Juggl Desks, a desk management solution to enable a safe return to its workplace. Headquartered in Preston, MHA Moore and Smalley has offices throughout the North West and East Midlands.

The practice is adopting a hybrid model of working with its 330 partners and staff across seven locations returning to the workplace if and when necessary. With a reduced number of desks across all its locations, the company is going live with Juggl Desks from UK intranet provider, Sorce to support this new way of agile working. The solution, which allows all employees to book a desk, office or car parking space , will be key to effectively managing office space while ensuring all staff feel safe on their return.

“We’re moving to a hybrid and agile working model for all staff”, says Catherine Holt, Practice Assurance Manager at MHA Moore and Smalley.

“Every employee must have peace of mind that when attending the office their welfare is our highest priority”, says Holt. “All staff will be able to book a socially-distanced desk or office as and when needed, giving them the reassurance that they’ll have somewhere safe and clean to sit. We’ll also be able to view office occupancy levels at a glance, allowing us to gauge the demand for desks so that we can reorganise space if and when required.”

Until recently, MHA Moore and Smalley had been using Outlook 365 calendars to manage desk bookings, however this was cumbersome, time consuming and prone to errors. On top of this, it couldn’t provide a holistic overview of office occupancy levels.

“I was having to go into every Outlook calendar to see which staff were in attendance” says Holt. “Juggl Desks will reduce the time and hassle of doing this and provide me with accurate occupancy figures.”

MHA Moore and Smalley has been heavily involved in helping to define the functional requirements of the product and testing the user experience of Juggl Desks, providing valuable feedback that has steered the product’s roadmap. Simple to use on all devices, it’s been designed to be quick and easy for administrators to set-up and employees to use.

“Its simplicity is its selling point” says Holt. “There aren’t any unnecessary bells and whistles, just straightforward functionality that does everything we need it to do.” Juggl Desks is free for all organisations to use until 2022 and can be accessed at


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